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Governor Wolf released a list of businesses that are expected to close. The good news? We're still able to stay open. With the right precautions we can continue doing what we're called to do - saving and changing lives.


The mission of Alpha Omega Center has never been more important than it is now. We know that, yes, we could close. No, nobody would look down on us. It would be completely understandable, right?


Maybe. But, we don't do what we do for those reasons. We do it because lives are valuable and people matter.


God is doing many amazing things in the middle of this crisis, and we are honored to be a part of it. You, through your financial support, are part of it too.


To keep our clients safe, we're spacing appointments further apart, disinfecting all surfaces in between each client, and limiting the number of support people they can bring with them.


We're also doing all of our parenting lessons by texting the our families the video and worksheet, and allowing them to text back their responses. We're then boxing up the items available for pickup or taking them to the family's door.


Each mother who comes to us for confirmation of pregnancy is not only receiving life-affirming education, she is staying away from emergency rooms and doctor's offices that could expose her to COVID-19. She's coming into a quiet and serene space designed just for her and her baby.


Every family in our community that needs help is eligible to sign up for our parenting classes, no matter what. The families we serve are not engaging in hoarding behavior, they're taking what they need and leaving the rest for someone else.


The question that gives us pause is this: what if we were closed? Where would these mothers go? Would they go to an abortion clinic? Would they be able to find (and afford) the items their children need?


The good news is we don't have to find out. We are here, we are open, and lives are being saved and changed.


Financial support is what makes this possible and financial support is what we're in need of right now. In order to keep serving our community, and staying open for those who need us, we need your help. If God has called you to support the ministry of Alpha Omega Center now is the time. Your gift, of any size, makes a difference.


Thank you.


Changing Lives Together,


The Staff & Board of Alpha Omega Center




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