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At Alpha Omega Center, we believe that every mother has the right to love and support during an unplanned pregnancy.  Our goal when young women come to us is to love them, encourage them, and ensure that they know the truth about the options they have.  We also seek out opportunities to pray with them, pray for them, share the Gospel, and offer them a free Bible.


When our clients choose life we are there for them throughout their pregnancy.  We pray for them, encourage them, and follow up through phone calls and appointments.  If a family chooses to enroll in our New Beginnings program we have the opportunity to stay in touch with them over a longer period of time and offer them education and material assistance.


A client may choose to have an abortion, and we assure her that while we do not agree with her decision we will love her anyway.  We tell her if she gets to the abortion facility and feels unsafe or uncomfortable she should leave immediately and we provide her with information and resources to use if she feels like she is being pressured to abort.  We tell her that if she goes through with the abortion and struggles afterwards to contact us.


Our goal is to love people like Christ loves people.  We share the truth and we don’t compromise, and we want the best possible outcome for them. At the end of the day we love them no matter what and we're there for them regardless of their life choices.


This focus has allowed us to receive personal recommendations time and time again.  We have had clients who chose life refer their friends to us, saying, “these ladies will treat you right, you want to talk to them before doing anything.” We’ve also had clients who chose abortion refer to us, “I went to them and then decided to have an abortion anyway, everything they said was true, go to them so you won’t do what I did.”


What can you do?  Pray for us.  Pray for the families we serve.  Also, please consider making a financial contribution.  We can’t do what we do without the faithful contributions of our community.

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