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Ongoing Prayer Needs

  • God's grace and protection over the Pennsylvania Life Exchange as they work to unify pregnancy centers in Pennsylvania.

  • Pray for a hedge of protection for Sarah and her family.

  • Pray for the outreach on Slippery Rock University campus and favor with their health services

  • God's wisdom and His help as Nurse Bonnie, our Client Manager Laura, and our new Client and Community Advocate Staffer Tracey, meet with each client, that they be led by the Holy Spirit.

  • Pray for women of all ages who have had an abortion to have the courage to come and learn about our post abortive Bible study.

  • Healthy Relationships Today (HRT) - pray that every young person that has heard and will hear their message of abstinence and how to cultivate healthy relationships will make those good and right choices. Mikayla and Kristi are also available to speak at youth groups so pray opportunities open up.

  • New Beginnings as they work with young families and encourage them to make healthy parenting choices. These moms and children need prayer. Pray for those who need to move to a safe place. Health issues for our pregnant moms. N.B. has had a full client load so pray for Jackie and volunteers. Also pray for clients in need to come to our Slippery Rock parenting program.

  • Fathers in Action, our individual mentoring program that began May 1st, 2017. Pray for Holy Spirit guidance and encouragement for Joe as he meets with young men who are willing to be mentored, and pray for these young men that they will not get distracted and continue to come. Also pray for other mentors to work with Joe as more young men sign up.

  • Pray for Board meetings as well as the committee meetings, and for those who will commit to working on specific committees.

  • God's grace and blessing as we raise needed funds for the ministry of Alpha Omega Center. 

  • Above all that we would walk in the unity of Ephesians 4:1-3, 15-16.

  • That God would send clients to us who need our services

  • That our network of prayer coverage would increase due to greater awareness of our work to save lives in our communities

Answered Prayer - Praise Reports

For all our wonderful and faithful donors! You are opening more doors for ministry that is so needed. The most recent answers to prayer are blue and ones from the past are in brown.

  • We have added two new Board Members to our team! Welcome to Amanda Hermann and Marla Brown.

  • The Banquet and the breakfast were a great success! God is good, and made it possible for us to raise over $70,000 in pledges and gifts.

  • God has made it possible for us to keep our current ultrasound nurse, please pray that she is able to stay with us for the long term.

  • We raised all the underwriting needed to cover the Banquet expenses!

  • Our donations are increasing, please keep praying as we work to finish the year strong.

  • The curriculum came in on time and it looks beautiful.

  • We hired a new client care and community advocate for Slippery Rock. Welcome, Tracey!

  • We have a new Board Member specializing in Human Resources, welcome Dr. Matt Fuss!

  • The new website regarding at-home abortions is live. Check it out at and please share it! The more hits we get the more likely it is to show up in google searches for women in need.

  • Lives are being saved and changed daily, women in tough circumstances are finding us and we're able to help them. Praise God for the clients who leaves still planning to have an abortion, but thanks to prayer, tell us later that they change their minds.

  • The new curriculum is ready for pre-sale.

  • We are getting new clients in Sandy Lake! There are many families in need and they are finding us.

  • We have Mikayla as our HRT Coordinator and Our Healthy Relationships Today program is rebranded and ready to go! Pray as we continue to work on student-facing web initiatives.

  • God has been moving in many incredible ways, some small and some big, He is truly in every portion of this ministry!

  • Our Surrendering the Secret post-abortive Bible study went well!

  • The cost of offering well-women exams is much lower than we anticipated, pray that God provides the needed funding.

  • The new curriculum, Courageously Pro-Life, is at the publishers and national organizations have pledged to endorse and promote it. God is doing a mighty work.

  • We raised $23,000 at the Walk for Life! God is good.

  • We have been able to serve more clients than ever in 2019 - many lives were saved and changed.

  • Our new Sandy Lake office is open.

  • God has provided funding and a publisher for the new curriculum!

  • God has provided an international team of volunteers to get our "At Home Abortion Facts" webpage up and running.

  • Alpha Omega Center's foundations are strong and our team is unified and energetic. Pray for protection and continued unity as we do God's work with these families.

  • We're so thankful for our incredible prayer team, pray that new prayer warriors will be added and our ministry will continue to grow.

  • Sarah has been asked to join the Pennsylvania Life Exchange (our state coalition of pregnancy centers) team. Pray that God will use her in a mighty way to encourage and support fellow pregnancy centers.

  • God made a way and the PA Dept of Health is continuing to provide supplies and tests for our our STD testing program.

  • Sarah and two other staff had safe travel out to the Heartbeat Conference.

  • The Board Retreat was a productive and excellent time of growth for our Board Members.

  • Our staff also had an excellent staff retreat, much work was accomplished.

  • God provided an amazing site manager for our new location - welcome Danielle!

  • We had a tremendous fundraising Banquet - God spoke and His people responded.

  • We will be opening our new Sandy Lake location in 2019.

  • We have many clients interested in our parenting program and we have two new applicants to volunteer.

  • We hit our goal for STD testing.

  • We have FOUR new amazing Board Members in 2018.

  • We have a new LifeMatters Coordinator, Mikayla Covington.

  • God has sent us another new Board Member, welcome, Meredith!

  • We have hired a Certified Nurse Practitioner, welcome, Julie!

  • Our plumbing issue in New Castle was resolved quickly, covered by insurance, and had almost no impact on our clients. Thank you Jesus!

  • Meagan Reed has joined our Board of Directors, we're thrilled to have her.

  • The Remnant Sons generously sponsored a fundraising event for us, we're happy to partner with them.

  • Many mothers in very difficult situations have courageously chosen life, pray for those who are still undecided.

  • Our Board of Directors is truly unified and led by the Spirit as they make tough decisions to lead us as we grow and expand our ministry.

  • Our donations have increased to now adequately support the services we are offering. God is good! As they continue to increase we will be able to grow.

  • The Sunday School curriculum edits are complete and it is being tested in three local churches.

  • The new mission statement has been completed! It is: "Alpha Omega Center honors Christ by empowering mothers to choose life, educating individuals and families about healthy relationships, and providing medical services, material assistance, and spiritual support in Butler, Lawrence, and Mercer Counties."

  • Sarah had an excellent meeting with the Pennsylvania Life Exchange, the coalition of pregnancy centers in Pennsylvania. God is moving!

  • For our newest board member Stephanie

  • 49 moms chose life in 2017

  • Greater prayer covering in 2017

  • New Beginning Client load very strong

  • Strong end of year giving!

  • New Website

  • Mickayla, our new Client Care and Marketing facilitator

  • New board member a Grove City College student

  • New Beginnings cooking classes were a great success

  • The 10/26/17 Banquet was a great success!!!

  • For our new Human Resources Committee Consultant

  • **Nico's restaurant in Sl. Rock gave us a God-deal on 23 table tops advertising AOC

  • New Beginnings starting cooking classes at Sankey

  • Sarah's successful meetings and connections

  • N.B. full client load

  • The many donors that make this ministry possible!

  • God provided a fire truck Ford Excursion for Sarah and Anthony to replace their van that died. That's a PTL!

  • Abortion vulnerable mom chose life and made an appointment for New Beginnings AND her boyfriend signed up for Father's in Action.  PTL!

  • Two young men signed up for Father's in Action and are meeting with Joe.

  • Men's mentoring program, Father's in Action, beginning May 1.

  • YSU Social Work student who is interning with New Beginnings this summer.

  • Sarah's knee healing well, without pain.

  • We have a New Beginnings instructor in Slippery Rock.

  • A successful Board Retreat March 5th.

  • Finances raised in 2016 and a strong year of giving.

  • A volunteer who is helping us to update all of our websites.

  • Clients who have chosen life for themselves and their children.

  • God's blessing on our Banquet. We raised twice the amount raised the previous year.

  • We have a new CPA on our Board who is now our Treasurer.

  • For our new Office Manager and Client Manager.

  • We have seen an increase in client numbers since we moved our Slippery Rock office.

  • For the Students For Life groups (two of them are new) at three local colleges that are interested in helping Alpha Omega Center.

  • For our preemie baby born to a New Beginnings client. He is gaining weight and doing well.


Our Commitment to Prayer

Each and every week our prayer team meets to pray for the needs of Alpha Omega Center and we thank God for the blessings He has given us. We want to see more lives saved and changed.


We thank God for those who have been praying for this ministry and we are asking Him for more prayer warriors because this ministry has been so effective. The newsletter and this hidden section of our website is a way to keep everyone connected with our needs and updated on answered prayer.


If you're receiving our eblast, please know that you are part of a very small group and we're counting on you to be in prayer over our ministry. If you have any questions or would like to respond, please do so by hitting "reply" or emailing and one of us will get back to you!


Know that while all confidential or identifying information is removed, prayer requests are not meant to be shared with the general public. If you know of someone who would like to join us, please direct them to our website,, and have them click the "Volunteer" tab and then "Join the Prayer Team." Please do not post requests on social media sites.


Everyone is welcome to join us at our weekly prayer meetings. They are held Wednesdays at 11 am in New Wilmington. Please contact us for directions.  


God is doing some tremendous things at Alpha Omega Center. Thank you for being part of the ministry!

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