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We've made a wish list!


Listed below are some items we will be needing in our new Sandy Lake Office. We need everything from staples to furniture! Can you help us out? Our Amazon wish list below has items beginning at $3.98. You can click the graphic to get to the website where items can be purchased. Also, if you know of a better price for anything we are needing, please contact us! As you're shopping you may find a GREAT deal, and we love deals!


This is what we keep in mind when buying furniture and accessories.


1. We try to keep every accent black. This helps us as we replace pieces or move them around. Everything matches!

2. Any furniture has to be made of a fabric that can be disinfected. So, we can't do anything plush.

3. We don't need top of the line items but we want our clients to feel treasured, that a beautiful place has been made just for them. So, it's important that things are in good shape and pleasant to look at.

When you purchase an item, please let us know so we can mark it off our list!

Items you purchase can be mailed to:

For SLW Office

2 W. Euclid Ave.

New Castle, PA 16105

Are you saying, "What were they thinking? I know of a better deal!"

Copy of SL List 2.png
Copy of SL List 2 (1).png

All other items can be found on our Amazon Wish List


If you click the graphic below, you will be able to find the item/items you're interested in purchasing. If you encounter any issues, please send us a message or give us a call. 

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