Our Vision

March 28, 2017



Recently our (fantastic) Board of Directors took on the monumental task of reworking our vision statement. It doesn't change who we are, but it’s a fresh way of stating our goals for our community. I (Sarah) am so pleased to have our Board of Directors. I couldn't ask for a more passionate, dedicated, and kind group of people to govern Alpha Omega Center. Each of them is skilled, readily available when needed, and dedicated to the mission of Alpha Omega Center.


So what did they come up with?


“Our vision is to see a community where life is cherished from conception to natural death.”


What does that mean? It seems pretty straightforward, right? But what does it mean.


Well, probably the first thing that comes to mind is that no one would choose abortion. Why? Because life is cherished. All life, starting at conception, is valued. Not only is nobody choosing abortion, but abortion itself becomes unthinkable. Our value on human life would be so high that nobody would even think about aborting or encouraging someone else to abort.


What else? Well, all children will be loved and cared for. In fact, partners will value one another so highly that they wouldn't think of cheating, or abusing, or treating someone poorly. Fathers will work to provide for their families and cherish the mothers of their children. Mothers will feel loved and protected and care for their babies knowing that Dad isn't going anywhere.


What about our elderly? They would be respected, esteemed, and cared for gently until natural death. They won't be seen as burdens, or trouble, or annoyances. They'll be valued not just for their contributions to society, but because of their inherent value as humans.


You're probably thinking, “Seriously? That's never going to happen!”


Well, it won't with an attitude like that!


This change won't happen because someone else started it. It will happen because of YOU. Because you said “OK, this is important, I know it can happen and I am going to be part of making it happen.”


Does it sound a little utopian? Maybe. Maybe it is impossible. But I know I would rather try for the impossible than sit and do nothing.


How about you?

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