When We Lose One

June 22, 2017



At Alpha Omega Center we love to share the stories. Families helped, lives saved, lives changed, all of it. In truth, every week we see God doing amazing and fantastic things in the lives of our clients, students, and even in the lives of our staff and Board.


But sometimes, although thankfully not often, the ending isn’t happy.


Sometimes we share information, offer support, and show a mother her ultrasound and she chooses abortion. Why? Well, she’s not an awful person. She’s not a cruel individual. She just feels like she has no other choice.


So, did we fail?


No. In fact, we succeeded.


We succeeded because our job is to share information, offer support, offer the Gospel, and love them no matter what. Did we do all those things? Yes.


We succeeded because we loved her. If a client tells us that she’s planning to abort anyway, she knows that we love her like crazy and won’t judge her. She knows that she can come back if it doesn’t go well or if she has problems afterwards.


We can’t take responsibility for her choices. We can’t define success based on other people’s decisions. We define “success” by being faithful to the calling God has given us and trusting Him to handle the rest.


Its not easy though. What happens to us when a baby is lost? We grieve. We connected with the baby, we bonded with him or her. To know that a child that you have “met” has been lost is heartbreaking.


We also grieve for the mom. We know that an abortion can often be a source of great pain for mothers. Not just physical pain, but lasting emotional pain. We know that she has made a choice that will potentially cause great suffering for her in the future.


We also know that we need to take our time to grieve and pray with one another, but then we must come back in the next day ready to help the next mother and the next family. Most importantly, we must continue to reach out to the young mother who plans to abort with support and love.


Can she still change her mind? Yes, absolutely. What if she doesn’t? If she doesn’t, and she is willing, we will continue to reach out to her with the love of Christ.


We wish we could “save them all,” but its not our job to “save” anyone. Our job is to love, offer information, offer resources, offer support, and above all offer the love of Christ.

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