Mom Chose Life!

September 20, 2017

The photo above is of a 26 week old baby whose mother chose life at Alpha Omega Center


What does that mean, exactly?


Well, sometimes a mother comes in telling us that she must have an abortion. She doesn’t know what else to do. Maybe she is overwhelmed already and she has no other choice. Perhaps she’s in school and maybe the father is uninterested, or she has children already.


She comes to us, sees her baby on ultrasound scan, hears about her options and chooses life.


That happens, but often it looks much different.


Frequently, a mother comes to us and isn’t sure she’s pregnant. Or maybe she knows she’s pregnant but she doesn’t know how far along she is. She is planning to have the baby. Well, probably. She has a lot going on right now, but she’s sure she is going to parent. She just needs to hear about her options. She is sure her boyfriend will be supportive, right?


She has something and maybe several somethings in her life that make her vulnerable to abortion. Perhaps she is very young or she’s headed into menopause. Maybe she doesn’t know who the father is or the father wants nothing to do with a baby. Sometimes she’s had an abortion in the past or she always planned to have an abortion if she was faced with an unplanned pregnancy.


What matters is this: mom chose life.


Whether she was planning to abort, considering abortion, unsure, vulnerable to abortion, or planning to parent – all that matters is that her final choice is life.

As her belly grows and she bonds with her baby she will begin to forget that she considered abortion. She will shove that fact down and focus instead on the maternal instinct she feels towards her baby.


As her life goes on nobody will look at her and say, “that mom thought about abortion.” It won’t be apparent because her love for her child will be evident. Will her life be perfect? No. Will she always make the best decision? No. She’ll be just like the rest of us, flawed and doing her best.


When we share that a mom chose life, rejoice with us that another mother and child have had their course fixed on life, and that another family has been made whole.


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