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July 9, 2018

Last week, Justice Anthony Kennedy announced that he will be retiring, effective at the end of this month. For pro-lifers, this is an answered prayer. For so many decades, the strategy of many in the pro-life movement has been to get a case before the Supreme Court that might overturn the decision that legalized abortion across America, Roe v. Wade. To hear of an open seat on the Court, in the midst of a pro-life presidency has many people excited. And we should be! This presents the best chance we’ve had in years to overturn an objectively terrible legal decision.


But with the potential end of Roe v. Wade, the battle against the evil of abortion has intensified. When Roe is overturned, the legality of abortion will be turned over to the states. Based on the laws on the book now, abortion will be illegal in at least 4 states immediately. Some states have “trigger laws” that say that if Roe is overturned, abortion automatically becomes illegal in the state. Other states will likely pass laws to make abortion illegal. Still others, like California and New York, will likely become abortion havens, where pro-choice activists will potentially raise money to bring women in from across the country for abortions.


Should Roe be overturned, pregnancy centers like Alpha Omega Center will become even more vital. Ultimately, each abortion statistic points to a woman and her story, and it will be up to the Church and pregnancy resource centers to come alongside women during their unplanned pregnancies. These mothers will  need us to meet them in their time of need and provide the resources and support they need to carry to term.


Even as we celebrate the possibility that Roe could be overturned, we need to remain steadfast: that was never the end goal. Overturning Roe is a means to an end: abortion ends when we make it not only illegal, but unthinkable. This is a time when we need to prepare for what will assuredly be a hard fought battle, and continue supporting life-affirming organizations like Alpha Omega Center. They are oases of hope in a culture that only tells of how inconvenient and hard unplanned pregnancies are.


Women and their unborn children need us to stay strong. We can’t think that the fight is over, now that overturning Roe is a possibility. They need us to continue providing help for women in uncharted waters, and give them hope for the new life inside of them. That is our united mission. Let us press on in the fight for life.


Jamieson Weaver

Ohio Right to Life

Director of Communications and Marketing



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